Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I start receiving moving request?
    Just fill out the online application form and our team will send all the necessary information to get your listing started.
  • How many companies are listed per area?
    We offer an exclusive listing and publish only 6 companies in any one listing area.
  • Where will I receive moving requests from?
    You will receive moving requests from people moving from the areas that you choose to be listed under. For example, if you are listed under Germany, you will receive requests from people moving from Germany to any other country in the world.
  • What type of moving requests can I receive?
    You will receive all types of moving requests, from the large relocation type services, to smaller moves for people.
    • International Moving
    • Local Moving
    • Car Shipping
  • How do potential customers find me on the website?
    People looking for a mover online can select the area they are moving from and where they are moving to. If you have selected to be listed for moves from that area, you will receive their quote request.
  • Do I pay for being listed on the website?
    Your listing is free on the website; you only pay per quote request that is generated for your account. We will create your profile; add a description and a logo.
  • What are the costs?
    Depending on the types of leads /moves you want to receive, there is a price per lead sent. The costs per quote request will be described in the agreement form you will receive from our sales team. Just fill out the online application form and our team will send all the necessary information to get your listing started.
  • What if I receive the same quotation request twice?
    Sometimes you will receive duplicate leads, however all duplicate leads sent from the same e-mail address for the same area and type of move, are automatically marked and you only get billed for them once.
  • Can I quit my listing at any time?
    Yes, you may cancel the agreement anytime by sending an e-mail to Accordingly, you will be billed only for the leads sent to you until the moment of cancellation.
  • Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
    If you are a moving company and would like additional information on how to get listed and what types of leads we can offer you, you can always contact our sales team by e-mail
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